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Our Mission & Core Value

Our mission is your success! Our core values include family and excellence and we strive to treat all our clients like family. We pay attention to all the financial details of life, whether those details involve your church, business, your personal budget or paying Uncle Sam.




Feeling confused? Do your financial statements not make sense? Is your budget controlled by the "changing winds" of public opinion? Not sure what new rules and regulations apply to you? We can help! Our many services to churches include bookkeeping, accounting, financial statement preparation, CFO services and financial consulting. Let us help you focus your church's vision!


Are you tired of your business running you? Never having enough time to focus on growing your business or enjoy time with your family? We can help! Our many services to businesses include bookkeeping, accounting, tax planning, tax preparation and business consulting. Let us help you leverage your time!


Are you tired of working hard, but only having enough money to survive? Of trying to use "free" budgeting or tax software only to find out it is way more complicated then they promised and actually not "free"? We can help! Our many services to individuals include budgeting, tax planning, tax preparation and financial planning. Let us help you thrive financially!


Invest In Your Future

As a family we value openness. So although many of our competitors won't put their rates online or may even advertise themselves or their product as "free" we want to start with openness even before we meet. Our fees are services are personalized to each client's need, the hourly rates are $75/hr for Accounting Staff and $150/hr for CPA Staff. We believe you won't find a better investment out there because we are experts in the field of accounting, tax, budgeting, church consulting, business consulting and financial planning. In addition to being experts, WE CARE, about you and your success!

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